Advanced Hydric Soils – 2017



New course format for 2017.

3 Days: 1 day online and 2 days in field

More field stops and learning opportunities!


Online lectures on soil formation, redoximorphic features, soil color, drained hydric soils, and wetlands not meeting indicators will prepare the participant for the field exercises and additional instructor’s lectures on regional hydric soil indicators and problematic situations.


The online lectures can be started any time, but must be completed prior to attending the field session selected at time of registration.  Informed insights and a focus on field techniques and proper documentation should greatly improve the participant’s command of the Field Indicators of Hydric Soils, a major aspect of the Regional Supplements for wetland delineation.


Field visits will examine natural, landscaped, and disturbed conditions and include time for in-depth questioning of a knowledgeable instructor to reinforce the lectures.  Participants will receive Lecture Notes, Pocket Guide to Hydric Soils Indicators, and a USB drive containing the current Regional Supplements and other pertinent reference publications.


24-contact-hours.  Instructor pool: Gilbert, Newling, Scoles.







Options for Advanced Hydric Soils 2-day Field Sessions




Dates 2017


3 days

1 online, 2 in field


February 15-16, 2017

San Diego, CA

April 10-11, 2017

Sacramento area, CA

May 22-23, 2017

State College, PA

June 28-29, 2017 – Cancelled

Anchorage, AK

July 17-18, 2017

Denver, CO

August 1-2, 2017

Portage, WI


What our participants say…


The instructor’s depth of experience made the course so valuable – hearing from him regarding practical tips and experience with regulators especially.

Ellen P., Sacramento, CA



This was an excellent course.  The instructors were excellent and did a great job of combining the science with the practicality of wetland delineation.  I feel like I am coming out of this two-day course with a great deal of hydric soils knowledge and understanding of the indicators.

Craig N., York, PA




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