Principles of Wetland Ecology eSession – 2017



Principles of Wetland Ecology is self-study with forum interaction focusing on principles relating to zonation, assembly rules, hydrologic pulsing, plant adaptations fertility, and functions.  Readings will be from Paul Keddy’s Wetland Ecology Principles and Conservation 2nd. ed. (participants must purchase), internet supplied literature, and comments and explanations by the instructor.


Principles of Wetland Ecology is an online seminar that needs active, weekly input by all participants for the group to progress. To successfully complete the course, participants must get involved and stay involved. Following completion of registration and activation on the Wetland Training Institute Discussion Site, participants are expected to go to the Welcome topic within the Principles of Wetland Ecology Forum, introduce themselves, read the assignments and actively participate in the discussion of the course topics.


Expect to spend a minimum of 40 contact-hours.  Successful completion of the eSession requires active participation in online and teleconference discussions, sharing insights, experience, and opinions.  Instructor: Pierce


Enrollment opens January 23, 2017.  All work must be completed by June 5, 2017.






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Dates 2017





Opens January 23, 2017

Complete by June 5, 2017

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What our participants say…


I learned a lot from the class and I really appreciate your efforts as instructor!

Steve B., Denver, CO



This was the first on-line training course that I’ve taken with WTI or with any other organization for that matter and you kept the course challenging and very interesting throughout its duration.  Thank you again for the consummate professionalism of our course instructor.

Dan M.,  Ft. Worth, TX


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