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Wetland Training Institute, Inc. (WTI), celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in 2014.  It was formed in 1989 to meet the educational and technical resource needs of professionals involved in all aspects of water resource conservation, management, and regulation.


WTI provides training in wetland delineation, soils and hydrology, wetland construction and restoration, wetland plant identification, mitigation banking concepts, and other riparian resource conservation issues.  It is composed of an association of more than twenty individuals from industry, academia, and government.  It is this amalgam of highly qualified and widely respected professionals that is the backbone of the wetland courses and information available through WTI.


As always, we are available to design and provide customized courses for your company or agency. You may contact Wetland Training Institute to get information about designing a special course. Call us Toll Free at (877) 792-6482, or e-mail us at: getinfo@wetlandtraining.com.




Why WTI?


Today there are many different providers of training related to wetlands and the Corps of Engineers’ Regulatory Program.  Many universities and private companies advertise wetland delineation courses.  How can you know which is the best value for your limited training funds?  We suggest you look at the backgrounds and experience of the instructors (Instructor Biographies) and read what some of our participants say. (What Our Participants Say)


WTI selects its instructors not only for their academic training and abilities to teach, but because of their backgrounds in the subject matter and their continuing application in the real world of wetland and water regulation.  Each has an outstanding academic background.  Beyond that, WTI instructors have been actively involved in the development of the technical procedures, manuals, policies, regulations, and judicial decisions that are the backbone of wetland science and wetland regulatory programs and they continue applying that expertise in permit cases throughout the country.  (Staff Publications).




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