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Houston eSession - New at WTI-3In its effort to provide the best and most current training and resources in wetland delineation, soils and hydrology, wetland construction and restoration, plant identification, mitigation banking concepts and other riparian resource issues, Wetland Training Institute will add, from time to time, a new course to its schedule or publish a new book. Or its instructors may engage in innovative research about wetland science or policy.


No matter how hard these guys might try to avoid it, when Wetland Training Institute has something new, you can find it here.



New courses in 2017


Changes to Nationwide Permits 2017 – WEBINAR is for those familiar with the NWPs.  The existing ones expire March 18, 2017, and the Corps intends to reissue the NWPs by that date.  Webinar participants will be able to view lecture slides, listen to 3-hour live narrative, and ask questions.  Each section is identical and offered across time zones , providing opportunity to select a session that best fits participant’s schedule.  A copy of Nationwide Permits Complete 2017 Edition is provided.


Plants of the Wetland Boundary eSessions give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to identify many commonly encountered plants found on either side of the wetland boundary in the various regions of the  U.S. (and adjacent Canada).  These eSessions are best suited for beginner to moderate skill levels and are ideal to prepare for a wetland delineation course.  Currently the Northeastern, North Central, and Southeastern regions are ready for registration and study.


A new course format for Advanced Hydric Soils is offered in 2017.  With more field stops and learning opportunities, the popular advanced technical course is going from two days to three.  One day of online lectures on soil formation, redoximorphic features, soil color, drained hydric soils, and wetlands not meeting indicators will prepare the participant for two days of field exercises and additional instructor lectures on regional hydric soils indicators and problematic situations.  Online lectures can be started at any time but must be completed prior to attending the field session selected at time of registration.  Field sessions scheduled in six locations across the U.S.


New publications


Nationwide Permits Complete 2017 Edition, by Robert J. Pierce, David Dearing, and Sam Collinson, is the 5th revision of NWPs Complete.  Organized for quick and ready reference, the entire texts of the 2017 NWPs, General Conditions, and the Regulations at CFR 330 are presented in sequence and followed, in italics, by the pertinent and substantive parts of the 2017 and past preambles associated with each.  2017 Edition available March 2017.


Pocket Guide to Hydric Soil Field Indicators – 2017.  Almost every indicator has been altered in the National Technical Committee on Hydric Soils’ Version 8.0 of the Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in the United States: A guide for Identifying and Delineating Hydric Soils: new tables; new figures; new Indicators and new terms in the glossary. We’ve taken all of those and updated our Pocket Guide. We have also added updated versions of the indispensable Simplified Keys to Hydric Soil Indicators – now for all ten USACE Regional Supplements.


Wetland Mitigation by Gary Pierce, focuses on the importance of water to wetland construction. For those who work in wetlands, it is the A to Z of construction and restoration.


Wetland Trilogy Sale: For a limited time, take advantage of this special offer to get three of our books at a combined discount of 52%.   During our Summer Solstice Sale, through June 21, 2017, we are offering our


Wetland Trilogy:
Wetland Mitigation, the 2017 Pocket Guide to Hydric Soils, and NWPs Complete 2017

only $100 (including shipping) – a $210.00 value.


Whatever the outcome of the “Clean Water Rule,” all three of these publications will ease your journey through the regulatory swamp.


Attending any of our courses during 2017 where one or more of the Trilogy are included? Purchase either/both of the others for $35 each (includes shipping).   Offer not available on  Call toll-free for more information course and book combination or to order: 1-877-792-6482.



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