Planning Hydrology, Vegetation, and Soils for Constructed Wetlands – 2017



This course covers critical elements for construction and restoration of wetlands.  These principles are requisite for mitigation projects and for mitigation banks regardless of size.  The elements covered include establishing goals, site selection, defining and quantifying hydrology, preparing vegetation plans, and establishing a proper soil substrate.


A field trip, emphasizing hydrology and site selection, will focus on factors that caused success and how to avoid those that caused failure.  On completion, participants should be able to prepare all of the critical elements for wetland construction and restoration plans.


A bound copy of Wetland Mitigation: Planning Hydrology, Vegetation, and Soils for Constructed Wetlands, by Gary Pierce and Mallory Gilbert, is provided.  Instructor: Gilbert.






Options for Planning Hydrology, Vegetation, and Soils for Constructed Wetlands




Dates 2017


4 days


June 20-23, 2017

State College, PA



What our participants say…

Mal’s excitement  is very motivating.  His knowledge and experience are second to none.  Great course.  Very informative, Hydrograph program very useful.

Danielle S., Conneaut Lake, PA



Fabulous course that provided applicable tools that I can and will use to support wetland mitigation.  It was a privilege to learn from … great instructor, fabulous topic coverage, and expertise.

Erin D., Saipan


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