What Our Participants Say



Why Take a Course from WTI?  Ask a Participant.


To remain at the top of our field, WTI asks every  participant to evaluate our performance at the close of each WTI class, both the in-person and the online courses.  We use these evaluations to continually monitor and improve what and how we teach and conduct our trainings.


Each student has the opportunity to use a simple rating process for a number of basic issues, including length of course, subject matter, instructor preparation and presentation, staff responsiveness, and meeting room.  We also encourage subjective comments on everything from whether expectations were met and which subjects were the most beneficial and/or in need of improvement, to a more personal review of the instructor(s).


These comments can be quite enlightening and help the instructors understand how they are doing in the classroom and in the field.  Individual comments speak to the personal value of WTI courses for those who are just entering the wetland field and also for those who are experienced wetland hands or, in many cases, old friends from past courses.


Our participants’ testimonials make interesting reading.  Take a look and see what some of our students have said in the past few years.  These might help you answer the question, “Why take a course from WTI?”


What Our Participants Say – 2017


What Our Participants Say – 2016


 What Our Participants Say – 2015


 What Our Participants Say – 2014


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